Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an innovative and the most effective method of permanent hair reduction. It outclassed all the other methods because of minimum discomfort during the procedure in addition to remarkable results that could not be achieved by any other technique.

Thanks to phenomenon of selective photothermolysis the light of the laser is converted into heat absorbed by melanin of the hair, which results in destruction of the hair follicles. Result of the treatment will be determined by whether the hair was in the right phase of the cycle which means it needs to be repeated several times in time intervals. Best results of laser hair removal procedure will be seen on a patient with dark thick hair, however experienced practitioner will be able to work also on thin hair.

At Veduta Clinic we are using Candela GentleLasePro-U, which is the most advanced FDA approved grade 4 medical laser and the gold standard in laser hair removal.

I graduated from Medical University of Poznan in 2010 reading a Masters degree in Cosmetology with special interest in laser hair removal and skin treatments. I have over 8 years local experience in laser hair removal and I hold an official certification from Syneron Candela.



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